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Concrete Circus - Mike ChristieMike Christie is a London based director. He has produced and directed over 40 award Oscar winning documentaries, short documentaries, and a growing list of film narratives and television commercial production.

His other careers in television includes the seminal parkour film JUMP LONDON and JUMP BRITAIN for Channel 4, which was rated as one of best parkour movies about free running in London. The acclaimed Paralympics documentary INSIDE INCREDIBLE ATHLETES which was a channel 4 paralympics movie about paralympic events. The groundbreaking first series of WAYNE ROONEY’S STREET STRIKER for Sky One, which is a story about street soccer games. THE SECRET LIFE OF BUILDINGS for Channel 4, about how the architecture design process can have an impact on on our identity, self-esteem, stages and types of relationships, chances in school, the ideal weight for height of a person, and cells of the immune system organs. The LITTLE BRITAIN DOWN UNDER for BBC1, which is one of the best comedy movies ever that contains TV sketch based upon the Little Brittan series.

Narrative work includes JO BRAND’S LITTLE CRACKER for Sky One, which is a British comedy show and YESTERDAY WE WERE IN AMERICA, which is a story about Alcock and Brown’s longest non-stop flight over the Atlantic.

Recently he has created the new film Concrete Circus that bring together the worlds best urban sports stars. Concrete Circus displays professionals from the worlds of free running parkour, extreme skateboarding, rollerblading, and flatland BMX riding. Each professional performs a number of stunts and tricks that are insanely death defying.

DANNY MACASKILL (Concrete Circus)

Concrete Circus - Danny MacAskillDanny MacAskill (often misspelled as Danny Mcaskil or Dany Macaskill) is an urban/street trials specialist. Danny gained public recognition in 2009 when a video he made with his flatmate and fellow pro-rider, Dave Sowerby, became a huge YouTube hit, picking up over 300,000 views overnight. Now searches like ‘YouTube Danny MacAskill’ or ‘YouTube Danny MacAskill way back home’ near 700,000 monthly.

The video now has nearly 24 million hits and a second video, again made with Dave, already has 6 million since going online last December. With new found fame, Danny was able to give up his day job as a mechanic and ride full time, picking up sponsors such as Red Bull along the way and starring in a VW commercial and a Doves music video. Now he has his own line of Danny MacAskill bikes, where fans can ride a MacAskill bike just like him. Any professional rider can testify to the fact that Danny MacAskill’ s bike is truly a specialized BMX cycle. It is one of the best BMX trick bikes on the market today.

Danny MacAskill’s ‘Industrial Revolutions’ video for Concrete Circus is an amazing feature based upon his trial street riding skills. The industrial revolutions video takes places in the beautiful Scottish countryside where Danny MacAskill makes the most of the crumbling masonry and train carriages with a blinding display of skill and balance. Shot by Stu Thompson, Danny MacAskill displays his amazing street trial bike talent.

Danny MacAskill, who was brought up in Dunvegan on the Isle of Skye, had been practicing for more than 12 years. He gave up his job as a mechanic so he could ride full time. He now lives in Edinburgh.

In May 2011, Leica Cameras released a “Go Play” promo video featuring Danny MacAskill doing bicycle tricks in the city of Cape Town. There is also a inspired bicycles, Danny MacAskill stunt video where he is doing insane tricks.

Danny MacAskill revealed the secret behind some of his most specialized BMX moves to young free agent BMX riders aspiring to be just like him. Danny MacAskill introduced himself to each of the fifteen young free agent BMX riders for a skills workshop. Danny for the first of the three workshops covered everything from biking angles and cutting through bike obstacles. Next up was a close look at the mechanics of trials bikes, with MacAskill quite literally taking things into his own hands as he tweaked, tuned and oiled his machine to get it ready for action.

Spurred on by his advice and encouragement, the youngsters began to pull seriously advanced tricks such as G-Steps and Nose Wheelies. “It’s amazing to have Danny as a coach,” commented Florian, at 14 years of age the youngest member of the group. “I have learned as much today as I normally would in a year. Often you know how a trick should work, but you just can’t quite get it. Then Danny comes along and tells you to change one small thing – and that makes all the difference.” The session then came to a close with a bunny hop competition involving all the riders – including Danny! While the youngsters couldn’t quite match their idol’s enormous amplitude, their impressive leaps of up to one meter are proof that there are definitely some new YouTube stars in the making

In March 2012, Danny MacAskill was nominated for the 2012 Adventurer of the Year Award. Danny MacAskill was nominated for changing the way a street trial rider can redefine how we view urban landscapes—and become a global icon in the process. The award is organized by National Geographic. According to the Danny MacAskill wiki, in April 2012, a toy Lego version of Danny was created by James Dick for children and admirers of Danny’s flatland BMX bike tricks.

In Concrete Circus, Danny MacAskill performs a lists of crazy BMX flatland tricks. Danny’s flatland BMX tricks have made him a household name in the extreme stunt world. In fact a line of Danny MacAskill bikes have been created because of his extreme talent. Danny MacAskill has inspired a list of original BMX flip tricks, which can be seen in the Concrete Circus movie as well as his other viral videos. Danny MacAskill truly captures the essence of a professional BMX bike rider.

KEELAN PHILLIPS (Concrete Circus)

Concrete Circus - Keelan PhillipsKeelan Phillips is one of the world’s best flatlander pro BMX riders. Keelan Phillips started riding BMX in primary school when he was given a ‘hand me down’ bicycle from his brother. His dad taught a kid who raced bikes at his school and Keelan started to go down with him to the track to race and record BMX videos of themselves.

At 10, Keelan Phillips got his first bike and slowly began to drift from racing into the more creative world of street BMX. With his cousin, he started to perform tricks like stair-sets, jump walls, and grind rails. Slowly, Keelan Phillips started to ride fewer streets and more flatland. At the time, Keelan Phillips used to ride a flatland bike with five or six other guys every day. They really pushed each other, riding all weekend and every night after school and to college classes. One by one though, they slowly fell by the wayside.

In 2003, Keelan Phillips won his first group ‘B’ contest and moved up into the pro class by performing flatland BMX tricks. The following year, he won his first UK pro contest. In 2006, he finally reached the pinnacle of the sport by winning his first international pro event in France.

There Keelan Phillips surprised the entire field by taking first in the semi’s and again in the final, all in the face of very strong competition from the top riders around the world. From there, Keelan Phillips has gained success in a multitude of international and national competition. Keelan Phillips has gone so far as to being featured on numerous BMX websites as well as being featured in a variety of bicycle publications such as ‘magazine BMX,’ ‘Dig BMX Magazine,’ and ‘Ride BMX.’

Even though he’s won contests around the world by performing astounding flatland BMX bike tricks, his main focus is on incorporating originality and style. For Keelan, it’s about it is about mastering flatland BMX bikes and BMX street tricks to the fullest extent. He is especially particular about coming up with new inventions and discoveries in the area of bicycle tricks. One of his signature bicycle tricks is the ‘no-handed nose wheelie.’ ‘It’s nothing like anything that’s been done before,’ says the 25 year old, adding, ‘And then I did it with one foot too.’ As a result of his skill set there is no room for easy BMX tricks.

If you’ve ever had a question as to what is BMX, his signature move, the ‘no-handed nose wheelie’ in Concrete Circus, will define it for you.

Keelan takes his riding very seriously and that is what makes him one of the best Pro BMX riders When off his bike, he trains hard with free weights to keep up his fitness and strength. He also looks after what he puts into his body and tries to avoid excess.

Outside of riding, Keelan’s devoted to his girlfriend and still hangs with his mates on a pretty regular basis. Aside from his cousin, none of his friends are into BMX.

He loves retro cars too, particularly German built ones.

Recently Keelan was featured in the rise of flatland exposure in mainstream Pepsi media advertisement. Keelan was featured alongside some of the best footballers on the planet to promote flatland riding. The Concrete Circus movie has only increased his popularity among his peers within his sport. As a result of Concrete Circus Keelan is aruguably known as the top BMX flatlander in the world.

PAUL ‘BLUE’ JOSEPH (Concrete Circus)

Concrete Circus - Paul Blue JosephPaul seemed to always be performing parkour moves even as a child running and jumping around, and joined all the sports teams at school. In high school, he was captain of the football and basketball teams, and also started practicing extreme skate boarding games with friends, extreme BMX stunt games with friends, and a list of skateboard tricks.

While at university, Paul saw one of the free running parkour movies, which featured a guy performing parkour running across rooftops while doing flips and decided to give it a try. He did some research, found that it was called Parkour, and has been training and watching these movies ever since. Paul was one of the first to emerge on the parkour UK scene, with parkour moves appearing in Channel 4′s JUMP BRITAIN (which was also directed By Mike Christie) in 2005. Now he is in the feature length documentary Concrete Circus where he displays his parkour workout routine to show a list of parkour moves like the parkour back flip. As a result of being in Concrete Circus, it has put Paul’s free running London group of parkour athletes on the map. In addition, it has given the sponsors of his parkour free running gear, Urban Freeflow, more promotion. Paul is wearing these clothes in the Concrete Circus movie which helps him to preform free running moves with ease.

PHIL DOYLE (Concrete Circus)

Concrete Circus - Phil DoylePhil Doyle hails from Cambridge and is known for his incredible accuracy and balance when it comes to landing on rails and other awkward obstacles. Phil Doyle’s youtube free running videos PROFESSOR LONGHAIR and BIG CHIEF has had almost 2.5 million views since it went up in 2010. According to the Parkour wikipedia, Phil is currently a member of the World Free running schools & Parkour Teams. He also been featured in the film free running London, where the best urban free running professionals perform outstanding stunts. The Concrete Circus movie has only expanded his popularity around other parkour experts.

MATHIEU LEDOUX (Concrete Circus)

Concrete Circus - Mathieu LedouxMathieu Ledoux mixes inline rollerblading with parkour moves. Mathieu has been making waves in the spot of rollerblades for men over the last couple of years with his unique style, blending inline and parkour techniques together and finding new skate boarding games competition on wheels. However, at the age of 28, it has taken many years for him to be recognized by his peers and the international community. One reason for this is his aggressive rollerblade style. Mathieu does not use the best roller blades, trick rollerblades, or cheap rollerblades; he uses his own pro rollerblades.

He began skating in rollerblade games for the first time around 17 years ago and has always enjoyed the rush of dangerous past times. He works as a professional stuntman and has appeared in numerous films, including the likes of 300 and ROLLERBALL.

In his early 20s Mathieu began to grow tired of inline rollerblade extreme skating and began to practice parkour moves. Learning from a french parkour movie, he picked up parkour techniques, which are more akin to martial arts than action sports.

A few years down the line, Mathieu took up inline again, naturally applying the moves and flow he’d acquired in parkour to his skating. His creative mix of the two sports makes his skating impressive not only to his peers but also people outside his sport, something inline desperately needed after a long time on the back benches with low participation levels.

Rollerblading is a very small industry, and pros like Mathieu skate and promote skating for the love of the sport alone. However, the underground scene is running strong and Mathieu’s skating is opening eyes as to the potential freedom and flow of movement that trick skates can offer. In Concrete Circus, Mathieu displays some of these extreme tricks by seemingly jumping from rails and landing on top of a moving truck.

KILIAN MARTIN (Concrete Circus)

Concrete Circus - Kilian MartinKilian Martin is a freestyle skateboarder. When Kilian was 10, he joined a gymnastics school in Madrid, Spain. At the same time, he also found a passion for surfing (one that continues to this day).

However, with the ocean over six hours away, being able to practice every day was a near impossibility. Surrounded by cement and asphalt, he realized he could take up skateboarding to help his surfing abilities. So, at the age of 16, he started to skate the streets and mini-ramps.

After a year of skateboarding, Kilian discovered freestyle skateboarding after watching Powell Peralta’s BAN THIS skate video. He then realized that this style of skateboarding would allow him to utilize his gymnastics abilities and, more importantly, expand his outlet of creativity.

He says, ‘It is a more artistic way of skateboarding and allows you to be creative all of the time. I used to attend gymnastics school in Madrid, and freestyle is a kind of skateboarding influenced by gymnastics, dance, and a bit of ice-skating.’

According to the Kilian Martin wiki, when he turned 21, Kilian decided to move to California, where he set out on a journey to master his skateboarding abilities. There, Kilian acquired many of his freestyle tricks and adapted them to street skateboarding. Since then, he has developed his own unique style, and a level of technicality that has set him in a class of his very own.

Kilian Martin performs a list of skateboard tricks in this video for Concrete Circus. Kilian’s skateboard trick list includes the ollie, the primo slide, and all of the hardest skateboard tricks. Kilian provides a list of cool skateboarding trick tips in all of his videos to inspire skateboarding beginners and seasoned pros. Concrete Circus gives light to all of Kilian’s expertise when dealing with a skateboard.

Kilian Martin has participated in skateboarding competitions where he has performed trick skate moves that left the audience in amazement and also caused him to win the all around championship. There are no easy skateboard tricks performed in his sets because according to him, “I have mastered the skateboard as an instrument, and that allows me to create cool skateboard tricks.” infamous stunt list

Many people come to Keelan Phillips for advice on how to do BMX tricks or stunts and he always refers them to his tutorial for stunts called ‘BMX – Videos – Street Stunts’  for sick tricks on a BMX.

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